You might not see the point in using a professional to produce your literature but in these days of ‘quality counts’ and ‘first impressions are everything’, knocking up something yourself and photocopying it at your sisters office just won’t cut it. Think about the way you are showing yourself off.

“I can’t be bothered”

“I don’t have any money”

“ I don’t see why I should waste my money on a flyer that no-ones going to read anyway…”

“This products not good enough to waste money on”


1. contact details
Sounds obvious, but I have seen so many examples of badly thought out flyers that have loads of “call us now” “visit our website for details” all over the page but they haven’t included the details so no one can get in touch.

2. quality images
What ever you are promoting, good images are important, not just to make your flyer look good but to sell your product in the best light. Blurry, watermarked or other peoples images that are close but not the same as your product are a no no.

3. relevance
Make sure what you are talking about is relevant to your product. There is no point rambling on about kitchen worktops if you are trying to sell a washing machine. The impact has to be instant on a flyer, 5-10 seconds and it’s either read or binned, especially if it’s a mail drop or direct mail. If it’s not clear what you are trying to promote, it will go straight in the re-cycling box never to be seen again.

4. spell check
Make sure what you are saying is right! The odd typo here and there, not only looks careless but could cause you problems down the line.

“With compliments” or “with complements”. One is a nice thing to do, one is a freebie. Are you really giving stuff away for free?

Check your prices, a decimal point in the wrong place and suddenly you are selling TV’s for £9.99. It’s been done!

5. Target market
We have all seen the half naked women draped across a car bonnet to sell tyres. It might suit some people but others will find it offensive. Don’t just think of your sterotypical customer. Try and see a broader range, you don’t want to be attracting ten people but putting 20 off.

A little consideration goes along way. Well thought out layout, good pictures and well written copy can be the difference between wasted money and a sale. Not everyone charges the earth for their services, but some good ideas and advice could make a big difference.