These two images are two I shot a couple of weeks ago for my client Bambers Sewing Machines in Manchester. Their market is split into various target groups, these are for a retail catalogue for general customers.

Retail customers require a different approach than their education counterparts. That catalogue is straight forward, very simple and quick to use. Single product, sales code, price. Phone up. Order. Done.
The retail requires more warmth. Sales are more based on desire than need.

The two shots are of pre-packed kits available in store, useful and practical stuff that everyone needs but it’s making them want to buy it that’s key. I need bin bags but they are not top of my want list when I get paid each month. Show me a pretty pair of shoes…

The key to a good group shot is composition. Depending on your product that could be regimented or a grid formation. For these two I went with shape and height. I wanted them to be interesting and make the most of the bright colours in the thread but, all important, I want to make sure that everything in the kit featured in the shot.

I am a big believer in “if it’s in there, show it”. It helps not only to make the group look better because there’s more of it, but it can sometimes mean the difference between a sale or not. A product you might think of as insignificant or unattractive so you leave it out, might show up in someone elses kit and the customer buys that one instead.

Shooting a well arranged group means that proportions and sizes are correct. It’s all to easy to create a group from a set of cutouts but if you get the sizes wrong it’s misleading to the customer and could lead to issues for the client. People buy with their eyes. Just because you told someone the thimble is 20mm high, if you show it the same size as a coffee cup they believe their eyes rather than the numbers they might not bother to read.

At the end of the day, as with the humble cut-out, the group shot has a specific message.“Look at all the well thought out stuff I have, all done for you, aren’t I pretty?”