This is a brochure for Blackburn based hardware company Loxta. It might not look styled, after all they are just cut-out images on a nice white background shot by the talented Mr Wayne Myers over at Studio Sphere in Nelson. What he started on the product table, I finished in post.

The images were shot on a product table, all at a similar angle and with the same lighting. Once they got on to my desktop they got clipped, cleaned, highlighted and standardised.

You might say it’s my OCD but I like things neat and tidy. All the images were set to a template to make sure they all matched in angle and handle projection. Looking at them one at a time it might not seem worth the effort but the fact they are all the same angle and colour tone means a more comfortable view as you look at the page. Whether it’s in the brochure or on the website, there’s nothing more distracting than random images, dropped on a page.

Post-styled the products look neater, especially on a spread and the whole thing is easier to read and looks more considered and organised. It’s easier to see the differences between the products and the detail that’s there, when it’s laid out in an orderly fashion. A little time and thought and the humble cut-out can become a strong and effective sales tool.

It does what I think it should.
“I’m here. Me, the shiny door handle. Look at me, look at me, nothing else.”