A big part of the work I do is on room styling. Probably the most thought of element of styling, people tend to forget that small products on tables need love too.

This image is from a shoot in September for the annual Sweet Dreams product brochure. One of about 40 new products shot, the Anastasia bed was from the new high end, super high 4000pocket spring count Pocket-air collection. So it needed to look good.

The main role of styling for a product like this is setting the scene. Colours are important to convey style and quite often price bracket. I tend to use more muted and dusky shades for the top end beds, creams and silvers often look more expensive than blues and reds. As with the products, appropriate props help to convey an attitude. Furs and satins for luxury, woods and metal with a bit of sparkle for contemporary, bright plastic often lends itself to kid’s room sets.

Using a limited colour pallet, the props create a feel but don’t over power and draw the eye away from the main focus of the bed. The right collection and you create a ‘lifestyle’ where the viewer is drawn into the room and helps create desire for the product and what it could bring with it. Additionally, stronger accent colours can be used to bring out features and colours in the bed. Here the brown matched the hand stitched border on the mattress. On a bedding shoot a few weeks ago I used a teal blue to draw out some of the harder to see detail in the print.

The right use of props is important. They need to be used in context, all to often they are just plonked at the side of the main feature or on the main feature and have no relevance to the main image. Here, the use of a cushion in the draw furthest away makes the fact it’s a four drawer more obvious and allows us to show the wood effect draw interior. The use of the cushions at the top end of the bed help to lend proportion to the super high headboard, that could otherwise look stretched. The use of the taller cabinet to the side helps to show the thickness of the luxury mattress. The rug at the end of the bed and the candles, not only help to break up an otherwise overly large area of wooden floor but also draw the eye to the features of the toe-hole, name badge and capped castors that could otherwise go over looked.

The addition of some nice lighting and some wallpaper dropped in in post help to create a warm and comfortable environment that people can aspire to. Although some people believe that props and room settings are pointless and have no place in this CG created age I strongly believe that the desire to buy starts with the thought “oh, that looks nice”.