The final area of styling, models. I’m not a fashion stylist, I don’t do hair and I’m not a make up artist. There is often confusion when you talk about models and styling in the same sentence. The hair and make up is left to some one else, not my thing at all, someone would probably loose an eye if they let me loose with an eyeliner but it’s still product and still needs some thought. I style the product and give direction to the model.

These shots were from a jewellery shoot with the boys over at Studio Sphere a couple of years ago. The brief was to create a luxury brand style image. Glamour, fast cars, the IT girl about town.

There is a lot more planning that needs to go into a model shoot like this. At this point the actual product is a bit of an aside. Location, the turbo charged prop and the models clothing choices were more key to create the look we were after.

As the bracelets were a more casual style it was no good glaming our model up in a ballgown so the shabby chic look fit in better, denim, sparkly belts and big sunglasses gave a dressed down feel but with plenty of content.

The car, although a big one was just a prop. It needs to be remembered that the jewellery was the focus point. People often get carried away with fancy cars and fabulous models, the product focus is lost and the the message becomes unclear. The shot choice and angle were key in making it clear what we were trying to sell. At no point in any of the shots we did, were the model or the car ever fully shot. You never see the models face fully, it was her wrist we were interested in.

Like with all the other types of styling, the clothes, model and car were simply oversized props to help the bracelets say “This is the life”.