Make your ideas fly... brand bigger... sales easier...

Make your ideas fly... brand bigger... sales easier...

We love paper. There is nothing more exciting than opening the box and seeing the finished product in all its fresh, inky glory. It’s like a little bit of Christmas every day.

We love digital too, but nothing beats a beautifully designed and printed product brochure. Some things are just better on paper.

People keep paper, take it with them, and keep it for another day. A well-designed brochure will still sell products better in a shop floor situation than looking at products online. With a brochure, you can create more of a tactile feeling for your brand than you can with a website.

Paper still has a place in business promotion, it’s still a powerful tool to promote and inform.

Design for print

From the humble business card to a 300-page product catalogue and so much in between. Good design for print is so important to make sure that whatever you are promoting, presenting or simply writing has the impact it deserves and serves the purpose it was created for.

We create designs for all kinds of promotional literature, corporate identity, brand logos, catalogues and price lists (Lisa’s favourite!) posters, point of sale, adverts, exhibitions and display products through to vehicle and shop signage.

Design for print is not all about sales either. After-sales and customer care are important too. We have recently created several sets of assembly instructions for furniture for a selection of manufacturers. Fully illustrated, complete step-by-step guides in best Ikea style.

We provide templates for clients to edit themselves, a popular choice with the charities we work with to help give them a professional presentation without spending too much.

Project Management

The large projects are a favourite of ours, the stress, the pressure. Lisa loves it! Mad? Yes, but someone has to be.

We work with many of our clients on full product launches and trade shows, incorporating brochure design, point of sale and everything that might entail. Other projects are just simple brochures that need to stay on schedule and on budget.

We offer a fully managed service from the initial brief to dressing the finished exhibition stand and look after all that’s in between so you can get on with the important stuff  – unless you want to speak to the copywriter, the social media girl, the photographer, the models, the printers, the courier…

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