An essential piece of the puzzle... sales tool... part of the brand...

An essential piece of the puzzle... sales tool... part of the brand...

You can have clever copy, dazzling design and wow with your website but if your images are, well, er, let’s say a bit naff then it’s going to let you down.

We have several photography services available whether it’s something for the socials or full-room sets with dressing and props.

We can also have access to multiple stock libraries to source graphics and images, video and music.

We can also help you utilise images you already have. We have spent years ‘creating’ products for clients to give them all the options they need without having to manufacture every piece. The wonders of Photoshop mean we can create, and retouch images to show colours and fabrics, sizes and options. It is especially useful in these days of online marketplaces where every option needs to be shown in the product listing.

Product Photography

We know there are different requirements for product photography, it might be something quirky and quick for a social post or it might be something all singing, all dancing for a brochure.

We do a range of small product photography and social media photography in-house, perfect if the product quality is high and the budget is low.

We also have a great photographer on our team. He works closely with us to plan out what’s required. Knowing what the shot is for and where it is going to be seen can make a difference in how it gets photographed.

Our photography service can be as simple as a really sharp, clean product shot on a white background for Amazon to a range of beautifully lit beds for a magazine cover to really give that wow factor. Team headshots for service providers, factory shots for manufacturers, landscapes and interiors. If it’s not clear by now, we can sort it all for you.

Product styling

Of course, it depends on your product, but sometimes the job calls for something a bit extra. It might be some eye-catching website banners or a nice room set for an advert. We offer a product styling service for products large or small.

Lisa has almost 20 years of experience in marketing the interiors industry, which means 20 years of creating and dressing room sets for beds, sofas and furniture. We can provide the props, dress the set for you and even add a few finishing touches in ‘post’ such as wallpaper and views through the window all to create the best possible result.

For small products such as food, makeup and even shoes, just a well-placed background and a couple of decorative touches can make all the difference.

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