One of the most important things you have as a business is your logo. For Better or for worse, it will be forever connected to you.
A good corporate identity should project your style, opinions and industry. It should be memorable, for the right reasons and instantly recognisable to your customers as you.

Too often businesses create multiple identities, one logo on the van, one on the card and one on their letterhead. This only serves to confuse people and degrade trust. If you turn up out side a customers house to fix their boiler with a different logo on your van to your t-shirt they may worry that you are not who you say you are.

Good logo design can be clever, fun, descriptive or just memorable. There is nothing overly clever about McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’ the huge M you see everywhere or the Audi circles or even the Apple on your iPhone but you know what they are without any further description.

These are just a few of the good logo’s I googled before writing this blog:

Simple but effective, these three show why good logo design is so important. Juicy and Purrfectly Good are clever and join the concept with the actual product perfectly. As for Fedex, I have to say until it was pointed out to me I had never noticed. Can you see the arrow?
Clever people.

As for Bad logo design, well there are always just the terrible ones, the ones with no thought, knocked up in word and “that’ll do”.
It’s a shame those people don’t appreciate the damage they cause to their own business. It’s not just creatives that buy with their eye. A lot of people choose the wine they drink because they like the label or choose a business because they like the look of it. If you have two accountants and one has obviously spent time and thought on their business identity and one who just thought “that’ll do” which one would you want to trust your finances to?

Bad design also has the comical and sometimes offensive side too. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time but:

Do you want these on the side of your van? And once you notice it you can’t see past it. I might be funny but it will stay with you however hard you try and get rid of them!

What ever your business, you deserve to have a good logo and a good brand identity. It should be the first thing you choose, not the colour of your van or the size of the chair in reception. Don’t over look the humble logo. It’s more powerful than you think.