Product Styling : Part one – the humble cut out

This is a brochure for Blackburn based hardware company Loxta. It might not look styled, after all they are just cut-out images on a nice white background shot by the talented Mr Wayne Myers over at Studio Sphere in Nelson. What he started on the product table, I finished in post. The images were shot on […]

Product Styling : Part two – groups and kits

These two images are two I shot a couple of weeks ago for my client Bambers Sewing Machines in Manchester. Their market is split into various target groups, these are for a retail catalogue for general customers. Retail customers require a different approach than their education counterparts. That catalogue is straight forward, very simple and […]

Product Styling : Part three – dressed products

A couple of years ago I worked on a beauty and cosmetics launch for UK health and well being company Xenca. They were launching organic makeup and natural beauty products. The ethos of natural and organic was a very strong one, we printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks from a local printers to keep […]

Product Styling : Part four – room sets

A big part of the work I do is on room styling. Probably the most thought of element of styling, people tend to forget that small products on tables need love too. This image is from a shoot in September for the annual Sweet Dreams product brochure. One of about 40 new products shot, the […]

Product Styling : Part five – models

The final area of styling, models. I’m not a fashion stylist, I don’t do hair and I’m not a make up artist. There is often confusion when you talk about models and styling in the same sentence. The hair and make up is left to some one else, not my thing at all, someone would […]