How colour can help your brand

Have you ever given any thought to how colour can help your brand? Are the colours in your logo just there because you like them or because everyone in your industry uses them. The colours you use in your brand and marketing can have a huge impact on how you are perceived. The way colour […]

A day in the life

Everyone and their dog can do my job apparently, if you have read my blogs before you will know its one of my ‘things’. I recently had an incident with a client, who after 7 years decided to ‘poach’ herself to one of my colleagues. In her words she wanted someone who “could do it properly” despite […]

Can you design for print?

I have written about why you should use a designer and the pit falls of bad logo design over the last couple of weeks, but a post on Facebook yesterday inspired today’s ramble. I saw a post or rather mini rant, by a printers on their own wall. They were complaining that if you are […]

Good logo design – why its important

One of the most important things you have as a business is your logo. For Better or for worse, it will be forever connected to you. A good corporate identity should project your style, opinions and industry. It should be memorable, for the right reasons and instantly recognisable to your customers as you. Too often […]

Why you should have a marketing review

It may seem like a waste of time to sit and perform a marketing review when you could be doing something else more constructive but do you know where you sit in the marketplace? Do you know if people like your advertising? Does it have the impact that it needs? Unless you spend the time looking how […]