Everyone and their dog can do my job apparently, if you have read my blogs before you will know its one of my ‘things’.

I recently had an incident with a client, who after 7 years decided to ‘poach’ herself to one of my colleagues. In her words she wanted someone who “could do it properly” despite actually going to someone who works alongside me and does not provide the same services. What she thought I had been doing all those years if I wasn’t doing it properly I have no idea.

Long story short, my friend who ended up having to deal with this particular client developed a whole new appreciation for me and the service I provide. So rather than my normal blogs, designed to help you develop your business and get your marketing in a row I thought I would be a little bit selfish and give you an insight into an average day in my graphic design life.

Rise and shine
My day normally starts about 8am (whether I’m up or not) when my phone starts buzzing with delivery notifications for couriers due that day. Feed the cat and the dog and then the glorious “bong” of my mac as I make a brew.

First jobs
Check the bank, check it’s all in order, emails are downloading. Ditch the spam then on to the important ones. I try and restrict the early morning emails to just an hour. Going through my mail, processing orders, checking proofs, making amends and sending back to the client. Booking in photographers and printers.
Next its off to the yard, feed and water the horses, maybe a spirited sprint up the hill with one of my mares to the field.

Back to the studio and on to first project. Unless its a super rush job, I tend to work on two or three projects in a day so that the work load is shared and so especially with websites, customers can see a daily update. At the moment I seem to be working mainly on websites but, if it’s brochure season then mornings are often spent working up images with the afternoons on setting artwork.
The odd call comes in, maybe a client with an email problem. I am technical support to my 70 strong group of web hosting customers. Retainer clients fit in here next, those that pay for block hours either a day or a week.

Lunchtime and afternoon
Social media check. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, news and blog for myself and a band that I work for.
On to the next project, keep and eye on the email, sign off proofs, take deliveries, arrange collections.

Half an hour going through emails, update my job system and my jobs board, mark up my diary with notes for the rest of the week and things to do. Off to see the girls, muck out, ride, groom and cuddle. Back home, quick dog walk, tea and telly. Laptop out on the sofa, another hour or so on social media. Making artwork print ready, ordering and sending out production jobs, ordering stock. Sort out a few bits and pieces for developing my business.

On an average day I will deal with 20-25 of my clients between social media, deliveries, phone and email. At any one time I have 40 projects on the go, some are small one offs, business cards or flyers. Others are projects that can last several months. My ‘Creative OCD’ means I can recognise and name every product my main client is running each year and I can still remember the pantone references for logo colours from my first ever job in brewery promotion 20 years ago.

Just because you can buy a logo off Fiver for next to nothing it doesn’t mean that what I do has no value. I’m not just a graphic designer, I’m a web designer, social media manager, print buyer, receptionist, gate keeper, book keeper, account manager, general mac monkey, dog walker, groom, customer service manager, networker, brew maker, team leader, copy writer, marketing manager, stylist, concept creator, photographer and technical support advisor all in one day.

But of course everyone can do my job.